Cancer Treatment (Oncology)

Cancer is a devastating affliction, the frequency of which is gradually increasing all over the world. Although it differs according to the type of cancer and where it occurs, cancer may be cured if properly intervened at the right time

Aesthetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

ACIBADEM Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Departments are equipped with the latest medical technology and are dedicated to clinical excellence, patient comfort and safety.

Organ Transplantation Centers

It has been more than a hundred years since the first experiments in organ transplantation. In early studies, transplantation experiments were performed only on animals. The first organ transplantation procedure on humans was performed approximately fifty years ago

Hair Transplant Center

Hair Transplantation is the action of transplanting the hair follicles taken from the back area of the head where hair is dense, to the parts of the head where hair is scarce with an appropriate operation.

Spine Centers

At the Spine Centers, treatment methods that have been determined and controlled through clinical means based on evidence and prioritizing the patient’s safety and are being applied. Patient safety is always prioritized

Heart Care

The increasing number of cardiovascular diseases is among the top causes of death and their diagnosis and treatment should be performed by experienced physicians in fully equipped hospitals with advanced medical technologies.


You may feel that it is unnecessary to go to ahospital, visit your doctor or undergo tests while you are feeling well. However, there are a variety of health risks faced by everyone.

Dentistry & Oral Surgery

ACIBADEM Dental Clinics offer the highest standards of technology with superior sterilization methods ensuring the safest dental treatment possible

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