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Acibadem International is a one-stop international patient center that serves medical and healthcare tourists. At Acibadem, we always strive for excellence and aim to make medical tourism convenient and reliable for thousands of international patients who visit Turkey every year.

From the moment patients arrive at Istanbul Airport until they return their home country, the Acıbadem team is by their side. A prime example is the Acıbadem Health Point lounge in the airport, wherewe provide a free internet service for international patients while they wait to be escorted to their hospital or hotel. At Acibadem, our patients are also entitled to personal interpreters and given discounts for other services and treatments. This helps support the patient throughout their healthcare journey in Turkey.

A healthcare system for patient safety and convenience

Providing excellent services at our centers of excellence

A center of attraction for health tourism


Cancer treatment (oncology)

Cancer is a devastating affliction that has been gradually increasing in frequency worldwide. Although it depends on the type of cancer and where it occurs, cancer can be cured with proper intervention at the right time.

Heart care

The increasing rate of cardiovascular disease is among the top causes of death. It should be diagnosed and treated by experienced physicians in fully equipped hospitals with advanced medical equipment.

Organ Transplantation Center

It has been more than a hundred years since the first experiments in organ transplantation. In early studies, transplants were only performed on animals. The first organ transplant procedure to be performed on a human occured approximately fifty years ago.

Neurology and neurosurgery

At Acıbadem, our Neurology and Neurosurgery Unit provide high-quality services, with cutting-edge medical technologies and experienced neurologists and neurosurgeons, to adults and children. Our team of neurologists and neurosurgeons has been performing the rarest and most complex surgeries for 40 years.

Beauty Center

ACIBADEM Beauty Center is equipped with the latest medical technology and are dedicated to clinical excellence, patient comfort and safety. Our Center offers a wide range of services from Hair Transplantation to Plastic Surgeries and Dental Procedures

Chest (thoracic) surgery

At Acıbadem, our Beauty Center is equipped with the latest medical technology and is dedicated to clinical excellence, patient comfort, and safety. Our center offers a wide range of services from hair transplantation to plastic surgery and dental procedures.


People may feel that it is unnecessary to go to the hospital, visit a doctor, or undergo tests while they are feeling well. However, there are a variety of health risks faced by everyone.

Spine Center

At the Spine Center, we use treatment methods determined based on clinical evidence. Patient safety is our top priority.

24 Hospitals
3,336 Beds
5,000,000 Average Patiens/Year
22,500 Health Professionals
5 Countries

Acıbadem hospitals and outpatient clinics

At Acıbadem Healthcare Group, our desire to provide world-class healthcare for our patients led us to start many initiatives in Turkiye and abroad. Since 2011, our goal of expanding our overseas footprint has led to Acibadem hospitals in Turkiye, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia and the Netherlands.

All Acıbadem hospitals meet global standards and stand out with their centers of excellence. Our nationally and internationally accredited centers include cancer centers (surgical, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy), heart care centers (pediatric and adult cardiology and cardiac surgery), in vitro fertilization centers, organ transplantation centers (liver, kidney, and bone marrow), spine centers, FIFA-accredited sports medicine centers, and robotic surgery centers. All our centers have advanced technological equipment and experts with significant experience in their fields.

International Patient Center

Through the Acıbadem Healthcare Group's International Patient Center, we offer a wide range of services, including services for international patients and visitors. At Acıbadem hospitals, our professional staff is dedicated to guiding patients through each step in their medical journey.

Our Acıbadem International Patient Center is the first point of contact for international patients. The first step in the early documentation process involves acquiring a patient's medical history and registering them. In this stage, at the Acıbadem International Patient Center, we ask international patients to send their complete medical history and any relevant test results via email, fax, or mail to be reviewed by our physicians. Once all medical documents have been reviewed, our Patient Center contacts the patient.

Our Patient Services Center has a team of experienced officers. Their goal is to organize and ease our patients' healthcare journey from the time of their arrival to their departure. This includes every detail from the airport pickup to assigning a personal interpreter to delivering copies of their medical reports. Each decision is tailored to our patients' medical needs and personal preferences.

International insurance companies

At Acıbadem, we are always excited to partner with health insurance companies. We focus on portfolios and repayment status when evaluating a potential insurance partnership because our international patients' well-being is of the utmost importance to us.

Patients with insurance are entitled to discounts for many medical services. At Acıbadem hospitals, we will ensure that the costs of consultation and treatment are billed to insurance companies through an approval process. Patients will only cover a fixed percentage of the cost.

All insured patients can benefit from insurance companies that have an agreement with Acıbadem Healthcare Group and are covered by our international policy.

Acıbadem Healthcare Group

Acıbadem Healthcare Group is known internationally for our excellent healthcare standards and medical tourism. We began in a small district in the city of Istanbul, and have since become a global healthcare group. Acıbadem Healthcare has 24 hospitals and 16 outpatient clinics, as well as other supporting service centers. We are not only leading providers of healthcare, we are hubs of healthcare tourism.

Acıbadem Hospital is an international hospital in Istanbul. We also have Acıbadem hospitals and centers in the Netherlands, North Macedonia, Serbia and Bulgaria. These international investments and our joint partnership with the IHH Healthcare Group have made us the second largest healthcare chain in the world.

Acıbadem Healthcare is a leading healthcare provider in Turkiye and an attraction for health tourism. We always strive for excellence and go above and beyond the required standards for medical tourism. Acıbadem Healthcare Group has more than 50 information offices all around the world to provide information to patients interested in receiving healthcare in Turkiye or abroad.

Acıbadem Healthcare Group opened Acıbadem University to train and educate future doctors and nurses. Acıbadem Medical University students receive further clinical training at Acıbadem Hospital, one of the many hospitals under the Acıbadem name.

Acıbadem has internationally accredited hospitals and centers available for our international patients. International patients can be treated in cancer centers that provide all necessary services, including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. In addition to excellent oncological centers, we have several heart care centers, organ transplantation centers, and in vitro fertilization centers for our patients, both internationally and locally. Acıbadem Hospital has a FIFA-accredited Sports Medicine Center and a Robotic Surgery center.

Acıbadem Healthcare Group is a one-stop solution for all medical tourism needs, from the moment a patient lands until they are back home, safe and healthy.