Ziyade Hikmatova / IVF / Uzbekistan

A CROWDED AND HAPPY FAMILY The word “happiness” reminds many people of a crowded family. This was also the case for Mrs. Ziyade Hikmatova and her husband from Ozbekhistan. The fairy tale of Mr. and Mrs. Hikmatova began 11 years ago. When the 33-year old Ziyade welcomed her first child in the year 2001, she had also received the unpleasant news that she would never be able to have another child. Both the socio-cultural environment in their home and the fact that they adore children made it difficult for the young couple to accept the bitter truth. In 2008, following the recommendation of their Turkish friends, they decided to try IVF treatment at Acıbadem Hospital in Turkey. And thanks to that decision, they have a 4-year old daughter today. However, their endless love for children has directed them once more to Acıbadem. As they continue the treatment at the Kadıköy Acıbadem Hospital In Vitro Fertilization Department, they smile in unison as they say “we want to be a large family”. Ziyade, who is a bank professional, has left her two children at home with her mother in order to set off for Acıbadem Hospital in Turkey, which they define in their own words as “a very-well established hospital“. Thus, the treatment period which made them smile was started. Prof. Dr. Tayfun Bağış, who is Mrs. Ziyade Hikmetova’s physician, tells us about the ongoing treatment, IVF procedure and his impressions on the patient: “It is only natural for people to want to have their own children and everyone is free to have as many as they wish. Still, the related treatment is also involved with some anxiety. During this period, the patient’s willingness and positive attitude increases the chances for a successful pregnancy. This is especially true for the Hikmatova couple. They radiate a positive energy to everyone around themselves. It is also important that their previous trial ended in success and their wish for a third baby is strong”. As our doctor also underlined, in IVF treatment, the patient’s trust for her doctor, her willingness and positive energy are of utmost importance for a positive outcome. IVF treatment is usually performed in three stages; the first one comprising the multiplication of the eggs through medication, the second stage including the collection of the eggs under general anesthesia, and the third stage culminating in the transfer of the embryo to the mother. It is doubtless that the IVF method, with today’s much higher success rates compared to the past, will be even more successful with the new and developing test methods in the future. Prof. Dr. Tayfun Bağış observes about the patient’s condition: “Since our patient’s eggs are limited in number and her tubes are blocked, she cannot become pregnant through natural ways. Considering that only four eggs are adequate for a successful treatment, it is great news that our patient has reached 7 eggs today. I am very optimistic about her pregnancy.” We also hope with all our hearts that this young couple that applied to our hospital energised with the excitement of parenthood, wishing for third baby, and made it through a difficult treatment never losing the smile on their faces will soon experience the miracle of parenthood once more…

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