Healthcare Support Services

Acıbadem Labcell

Acibadem Stem Cell Laboratory and Umbilical Cord Blood Bank

Acıbadem Labmed

Turkey’s First Accredited Clinical Laboratory

Acıbadem Pathology

The telepathology system enables specialists working in all ACIBADEM hospitals to evaluate pathology results simultaneously in an audiovisual process.

Acıbadem Labgen

The center provides well equipped and high quality service for the diagnosis and prevention of human genetic diseases.

Acıbadem Labvital

In 2009 ACIBADEM Healthcare Group established the ACIBADEM Labvital Food Control Laboratory with the purpose of providing food control and services with the quality of ACIBADEM.

Acıbadem Mobil

Established in July 2008, ACIBADEM Mobile Healthcare Services provide the highest level of emergency and non-emergency healthcare services for the pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization periods.


APlus, which has been founded on the principle “The hospital is essentially a hotel where healthcare services are provided”. collects catering, hygiene, shipment and similar needs of healthcare organizations under a single roof.

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