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All Precautions Against COVID-19

All Precautions Against COVID-19

Acibadem starts to admit patients to Turkiye again

The world is going through a crisis for months due to the spread of Covid-19. Several countries, including Turkiye, have introduced total or partial lock down to slow the spread of the pandemic. In these circumstances Acıbadem Healthcare Group took necessary precautions and continue to support all patients.

Since March 11th, 2020, the date of the official declaration of the first case of Coronavirus infection in Turkiye, Acıbadem Healthcare Group has engaged its crisis management procedure. We have reorganized our hospitals and medical centers. Since we have met the criteria set by the Ministry of Health, our hospitals have been declared pandemic hospitals which enables us to be able to diagnose and treat Covid-19 patients along with other examination, diagnostic and therapeutic services. Beside our physical and medical competence, this is a matter of spiritual pride in terms of serving out people in such a period.

Infection control and safety practices at our hospitals are always pretty superior considering the global averages. For Covid-19 pandemic, we have rechecked these measures and evaluate continuously within our Infection Council. Suspected or confirmed Covid-19 patients are isolated from other patients and admitted to pre-determined areas. The healthcare professionals dealing with suspected or confirmed cases are not involved in care of non-suspected patients due to the risk of cross-contamination. Public areas in the hospitals are disinfected frequently, magazines at the waiting rooms, seats and chairs from the cafeterias are removed, only packed foods are allowed to be sold and a specific elevator is allocated for suspected and confirmed Covid-19 patients. We have allocated rooms at the hospitals for physicians, nurses and other staff who deal with Covid-19 patients where they can prefer not go back home for preventing contamination.

All Patients with complaint of fever and cough are welcomed at isolated area of emergency room. All medical staff equipped with personal protective materials and all patients have been provided masks against the risk of cross-contamination. The examination and inpatient areas for non covid-19 patients are strictly reserved and isolated from emergency areas. Moreover, these patients in examination areas are served by staff specifically assigned to this unit. For control patients of cancer and chronic diseases, we have allocated separate entrance points to hospitals. Only one companion is allowed and we have measured body temperature of the patients and the companion in every visit. All patients who will undergo a surgery are first examined considering Covid-19. Medical staff is equipped with personal protective materials.

All equipment are sterilized at Central Sterilization Unit and the operating theater is disinfected before each procedure. After the surgery, patients are transferred to single rooms for postoperative recovery.

As Acıbadem Healthcare Group, we will continue to follow the recommended protocols of World Health Organization and the Turkish Ministry of Health and continue to prioritize the needs of our patients. We are pleased to assure you that we will continue to support the medical needs of our patients during and after this extreme global situation.