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Become Younger With Soundwaves

Become Younger With Soundwaves

It is possible for the skin that becomes loose on the face, neck and décolleté as one’s age increases to become firm again without requiring surgery. The focused soundwaves that are delivered to the skin through ultrasound technology tighten the skin and provide a younger look.

Problems that arise particularly after the age of 40, which manifest themselves with effects such as drooping of eyebrows, sagging of cheeks (collectively referred to as mid-face) and the looseness of skin on the chin and under the chin, can be made firm again without requiring surgery. It is possible for a person to look younger with another method. This new method, which provides a firm, tight and well-toned skin through use of focused soundwaves that are administered via ultrasound, is referred to as “Ultherapy”. Professor FeritDemirkan, a plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon at AcıbademFulya Hospital, and Associate Professor YaseminSaray, a dermatologist at AcıbademBağdat Street Outpatient Clinic, have shared with us some information on this new method which is very preferable due to an area of application that includes both the face and the décolleté, and the fact that the method does not require general anesthesia.

Associate Professor Saray states that the method initiates a recovery process and strengthens tissues by creating a heating effect in the skin and the subcutaneous connective tissue under the skin, which serves as a carrier. The heat damage that is caused by the focused soundwaves which are delivered to the layers under the skin without causing any harm to the skin ensures for the connective tissue to contract and become firmer. The skin starts its own repair process in order to recover from the damage and the increase in the production of collagen, which occurs in the long term, ensures for the skin to be reconstructed.

Painkillers can be necessary

During the application, sensations such as stinging, burning or electrical pricking can be experienced. Stating that individuals can take painkillers an hour before the application if they wish to do so, Professor FeritDemirkan says, “In some rare cases, higher doses of painkillers or sedation can be necessary”.

The effects last for a year

The process by which the skin looks younger starts after a single application. The results expected from ultherapy are yielded in three to six months after the application. The effects of the application last for a minimum of one year and another application can be performed after this period if desired.

Professor Demirkanstates that the developments in the field of procedures for becoming younger and more attractive without surgery has increased due to a high interest from people and that Ultherawas created as a result of this process. Ulthera, which is a device approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for purposesof making the face look younger, can be very effective in elimination of skin looseness on the face.


The device is used around the eyes to reduce the bags under the eyes, on the eyebrow and forehead areas to lift drooping eyebrows, the cheeks to eliminate sagging, the chin and the area under the chin to make the facial outline thinner, as well as the neck and décolleté areas. It is possible to treat the whole face in a single session. The method is also useful in treatment of the fine lines that are common around the lips, eyes and on the lower eyelid. Professor FeritDemirkanstates that the device, which offers an unrivalled solution for the sagging of the skin on the décolleté, also yields positive results on the area under the chin due to its effect that provides mild fat loss.

Takes only 15 minutes!

Ulthera applies treatment through skin contact with implements such as ultrasound probes that are used during ultrasonic imaging. The probes used in the three types of the device can both produce images and provide treatment. First, an ultrasound gel is applied on the area of application. Before the probe contacts the area, the device produces images of the skin, the subcutaneous layer tissue and the deep tissues on a monitor. This is followed by delivery of focused soundwaves on two different planes, one of which is 3 mm deep and the other is 4.5 mm deep under the skin. In order to eliminate wrinkles, a different probe which creates a heating effect only 1.5 mm deep under the skin is used. While the application around the eye lasts around 15 to 20 minutes, the duration on the whole face or the neck can be 45 to 60 minutes.