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Dietary Pattern for Diabetes!

Dietary Pattern for Diabetes!

You can still eat your favorite foods if you are diabetic, but you should learn how to eat them.

If you insist on Fig…

It is necessary to avoid consumption of dried fruits, such as fig, as they contain too much sugar. On the other hand, if a person is starving fig, the serving should be one fig and it should, strictly, be consumed with three full walnuts and one glass of milk or one bowl of yoghurt.

Diabetes is not a disease that is solely characterized with strict restrictions

Diabetes is becoming increasingly prevalent. Diabetes that may produce alarming signs at early stage can be prevented or delayed once diagnosis is made. Also observed at early age, diabetes is a matter of fear for many people. Because it is considered that the condition brings about many lifestyle modifications. Contrary to what is believed, diabetes is not a disease that requires strict restrictions and compelling daily rituals. You can still eat what you want to consume if you are diabetic, but you should learn how to eat them. For instance, you can make many vegetables, such as green pea and chickpea, and fruits like banana and concord grape more beneficial for your body, instead of avoiding them. All you need is to consider some key points!

Discover the Pair of Concord Grape and White Cheese 

Concord grape is a strong antioxidant and it offers many benefits regarding prevention of cardiovascular diseases and cancer.  On the other hand, diabetics should act carefully, as it contains too much sugar. For example, a good snack can be the pair of concord grape and white cheese that is equal to one water glass in serving size combined with a slice of whole grain bread. Certain fruits, such as fig, banana and grape, pose risk when consumed alone, as they increase blood glucose very quickly.

Eat cold potato instead of hot potato 

Potato has a high glycemic index, which means it tends to cause a rapid surge in blood sugar. Therefore, it is not recommended for diabetic people, but you can consume potato salad instead of French fries or stewed potatoes. Chilled potato has lower glycemic index than hot potato. If you eat two small boiled potatoes in the form of a potato salad enriched with greens, this can be a healthy snack. In main dish, red meat, chicken or fish can be accompanied by a potato salad. However, the amount you eat must be acceptable. Eating too much salad can raise blood glucose.

Eat Carrot with Yoghurt

Carrot has a high glycemic index, but it does not mean to miss out its benefits by avoiding carrot at all. For example, when you grate five to six carrots to eat carrot salad in a single meal, your blood glucose will, undoubtedly, elevate too much, but you can prefer carrot sauce by adding walnut, almond, hazelnut and yoghurt to one or two carrots during the day. It is a beneficial approach also for diabetics.Yoghurt, an important source of protein, prolongs the time glucose is transported into the blood stream. However, it is also very critical to act reasonable about the serving size, because you can be get taken in by its taste.

Peas Are Acceptable If Served with Meat

Green pea is a starch-rich vegetable that is not recommended for diabetics, but 2 to 3 spoons of stewed green peas (cooked with meat) with yoghurt is not unacceptable. Since digestion time of proteins is a bit longer, it will be consumed with carbohydrate and protein when combined with meat and yoghurt. In this case, a blood glucose surge can be prevented.

Banana is more innocent with cinnamon and yoghurt

Banana is not recommended for diabetic people as it is high in sugar. A large-sized banana is equal to two servings of fruit. In other words, it contains 30 grams of carbohydrates. However, it is possible to decelerate transport of sugar into bloodstream by eating half a banana with cinnamon and yoghurt during the day. Also, this is an ideal snack to achieve satiety and struggle with sugar craving.

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