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New treatment methods in breast cancer

New treatment methods in breast cancer

Far more superior to mammography!

Diagnosing and treating breast cancer in the earliest stage is now much easier. New studies have shown that the capacity of tomosynthesis for detection of cancer is 40% higher than that of mammography. Tomosynthesis also reduces the possibility of wrong diagnosis and unnecessary biopsy because the pressure applied on the breast is less than the one in conventional mammography. Another method which makes diagnosis easier is four-dimensional ultrasound. Since this device can produce a high number of images from the breast in a short time, no area of the breast is missed and operator errors are eliminated. MRI examination, on the other hand, is very successful in early diagnosis, particularly in women with a high risk of cancer. In addition to early diagnosis of cancer, it is also ensured for the breast to be protected during surgery by means of MRI-assisted biopsies. The developments are not limited to diagnosis. New needle biopsy methods make it possible for the suspicious part to be removed completely. As a result, it is also possible for benign tumors to be removed fully without the need for surgery.