Dear Children, and Parents,

Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak that affected the whole world has started spreading rapidly also in our country. This disease is most remarkably characterized by potent virulence (high infection rate) and its effect on humans through very quick progression into a pandemic.

The apparently healthy people who are infected by the virus, but do not have symptoms of the disease played the most critical role in terms of quick conversion of the disease into an outbreak, as they transmitted the virus to other people. Symptoms of disease emerge within 4 to 5 days on average in individuals infected by the virus. These people can transmit the disease to 5 to 7 people on average in this period.

On the other hand, it has been clarified that we substantially transmit this virus to our body and other people by our hands. Touching own mouth, nose and eyes with contaminated hands help the virus penetrate into respiratory tracts and reach the lungs. Moreover, the disease is transmitted to other people from the items we use, places we touch and by cough-sneezing at a close range.

It has been understood that the most effective way to protect ourselves from this outbreak and prevent its spread is to avoid close contact and follow cleaning-hygiene rules meticulously.

Therefore, being careful especially about hygiene of our hands, leaving at least 1- to 1.5-meter distance with other people and avoiding public and crowded spaces are of vital importance. Let’s do not leave our houses and do not accept guests, unless strictly necessary.

Children with congenital heart diseases are among the high risk groups in terms of coronavirus infection. – Children who have not undergone corrective surgery or interventional treatment yet, – Babies younger than one year of age, – Ones with heart failure and pulmonary hypertension, – Others with oxygen saturation below 85%,

Especially patients with single ventricle (Tricuspid atresia, Double inlet ventricle, HLHS etc…) should especially be protected more carefully during this outbreak. Parents and individuals responsible for the child’s care should be more careful about hand hygiene and social isolation rules. Routine vaccination programs of children with congenital heart diseases should be maintained and particularly, RSV, influenza and pneumonia vaccines should be administered. However, these can be postponed for several weeks especially when hospitals are too busy. Please do not present to hospitals nowadays.