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They said it was psychological

They said it was psychological

It was getting increasingly harder for her to walk. She went to many doctors in her country but could not find an answer to her problem. Not only could she not find a solution, she couldn’t even get a diagnosis of what the problem was. It was said to her that if she was operated on she may run the risk of ‘not being able to walk’. Serbian patient Selma Curic, who is a mother of 4 children, was getting increasingly more desperate. In Novi Pazar a doctor referred her to Acibadem Hospital Altunizade Hospital Neurosurgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Necmettin Pamir, after which she and her relatives set out for Turkiye. Prof. Dr. Pamir performed a 3 hour successful operation on the patient, whom he diagnosed with a tumor inside her spinal cord, and helped her regain her health. While Selma Curic said “I cannot find words to express my emotions” her sparkling eyes did all the talking…

The joy of being able to walk hand in hand with her husband is obvious in her eyes. The excitement of being able to hug her 4 children in good health is a whole other matter. 33 year old Serbian patient Selma Curic’s complaints started 8 years ago. It became harder and harder for her to walk, she fainted on an occasion and ended up being taken to the hospital. She went to a number of doctors in her country but no accurate diagnosis could be made on her condition. In her own words, she was always told it was ‘psychological’ and sent away. It was emphasized that if she had an operation she may not be able to walk at all. Curic, who is a housewife, could hardly carry out her responsibilities for the home and the children. Eventually a doctor in her country recommended Prof. Dr. Necmettin Pamir to her. Curic bade farewell to her 4 children in tears and set out for Turkiye with her husband and her older brother in the hopes of regaining her health.

A cerebrospinal tumor was detected

The doctor crisis she was experiencing in Serbia ended happily in Turkiye. Acibadem Hospital Altunizade Hospital Neurosurgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Necmettin Pamir, a doctor who has important achievements both in Turkiye and the world and whom she describes as the man who ‘brought me back to life’, helped Selma Curic regain her health. During tests Prof. Dr. Pamir determined that there was a tumor inside her spinal cord and said “This is an important pathology because the tissue that is called the spinal cord is about a centimeter thick. It contains nerve fibers that extend from the brain to the body. Therefore when a tumor occurs here it grows and puts pressure on these paths and prevents them from functioning. This is what happened with this patient. The pressure from the tumor in her neck caused weakness in her arms and legs making it difficult for her to walk. We went inside the spine and removed the tumor”.

Every complaint should be taken seriously

Prof. Dr. Pamir, who emphasized that every patient’s complaints should be taken seriously and whether or not there is a pathology causing it should be proven with correct diagnosis methods, added “Saying that the complaints are psychological is a frequent mistake. It causes the patient to lose time unnecessarily”. Prof. Dr. Pamir, who pointed out that Curic had a tumor in her spinal cord that advanced in a very insidious way and could not be detected until it got large enough to start putting pressure on its surroundings, gave Curic back her health with a 3 hour operation. Explaining that the tumor was successfully removed through a nearly 2 centimeter incision in the spine using microsurgery method, Prof. Dr. Pamir added “First we entered through the nape of the neck and opened up the bones that surround the spinal cord. Then we located the brain membrane and opened it to expose the spinal cord and located the tumor’s spot in the middle of the spinal cord by ultrasound. Then we reached the tumor by making an incision in the spinal cord right where the tumor was located and, by using the microsurgery method, we extracted the tumor”.

Selma Curic: They said it was psychological and failed to find it

Curic, mother of 4 children, explained how her first problems started 8 years ago when he began having pain and fainting spells and increasing difficulty in walking. “I went many places in Serbia for treatment but to no avail. Life had gotten very difficult for me. Then we came here by someone’s recommendation. The exact problem was diagnosed and after a successful operation I am now healthy again.” Selma Curic, who says “I cannot find words to describe my emotions” described how she had been taken to the hospital due to long spells of fainting but she had always been told it was ‘psychological’ and therefore no treatment was ever given and she lost a lot of time this way. Her older brother said that in Serbia “They all but called her crazy”. But bad days are in the past for Curic, a mother of 4. Now that she is healthy again she says she feels very good and adds “I am getting better every day. My children are anxiously waiting for me. I cannot describe how happy I am with the prospect of embracing them in good health. I feel like I have been reborn”.

Turkiye is a center of attraction for health tourism

In recent years Turkiye has become a center of attraction to neighboring countries in particular in the field of health. Both the advancements in technology and in the medical world in addition to experienced Turkish doctors have been influential in this. Successful operations are being performed here with lower costs that western countries which also contributes to this attraction. Prof. Dr. Pamir pointed out that in recent years a lot of patients have come here from the Caucasus, the Old Turkic Republics, Romania, Macedonia and old Yugoslavia and added, “Our technological progress plays an important role in this. For example IntraOperative MR allows us to extract tumors more successfully without causing any damage. If there is the possibility of harming the patient we are warned with routine monitoring ahead of time so that patients can be ensured to leave surgery without any damage. We are able to do much more radical and successful operations”.