Ali Ismail Mohammad, Urology, Iraq


69-year-old Iraq-resident Ali Ismail Mohammad visited the Acıbadem Bakırköy Hospital for a tumor in the kidney of his wife. Following the operation of his wife by Professor of Urology Veli Yalçın, Chair of the Department of Urology, he was examined, -despite having no complaints whatsoever,- to learn that he had a tumor in his prostate. Taking his wife back to their home in Iraq, Mohammed returned ten days later and was freed of his tumor with the da Vinci at the Acıbadem Hospital.

Professor. Veli Yalçın, who performed the operation, said that he had examined many members of Mohammed’s family, and was, in the end, also asked to examine urologically Mohammed himself. He continued,

“We performed a vital operation on the wife for a tumor in the kidney. The patient was satisfied with the results. And Ali Ismail Mohammed brought many members of his family to our hospital. He saved himself for the last, and asked for an examination even though he did not have any complaints. We did the examination. We had a look at the results and noticed the high PSA. A biopsy showed a malignant form of cancer. The tumor in the prostate of our patient almost resembles a rotten orange. Since it remained within the prostate, we extracted it using the da Vinci robot.”

Professor Veli Yalçın indicated that should the patient have been performed classical surgery, it would have taken him two days to stand upright on his feet, and four days to check-out from the hospital.

He has the following to say about the operation:

“With robotic surgery, the patient was able to stand up on his feet within two days. For ten days after surgery, he has got to move around with a catheter. Afterwards, this catheter is also removed. If the tumor in the prostate had extruded into outside of the prostate, we were going to have to perform classical surgery. Our patient is in great health and was able to easily return to his country. The da Vinci devices found within our Group, -be it our hospital in Maslak or in Kadıköy,- yield very positive results when performed on the right patient. Our patients are saved from long stays at the hospital and risk of infection, while regaining their health within a shorter period of time to return back to their lives.

Mohammad said about operation and Acıbadem “ It is a miracle that my doctor asked for examination it shows the experience of a impressing knowledge and I saw the techonology and quality of the hospital, thank you all for my wife and for me.”