Amma Aween, Cochlear Implant, Libya

The 4-year old Amma, who came to Turkey with her family was hearing-impaired since she was born, a condition which was also observed in her sister. The problem in her sister was solved when her parents invited physicians from Austria to Libya when she was 3-years old. After the research they performed, the family who were well-informed and experienced about the problem, chose to bring their daughter to Turkey, entrusting her to the experienced hands of the Acıbadem team.

Zeynep Gence Gümüş , specialist of audiology, emphasizes the following points on Cochlear implants: “In congenital hearing losses, this treatment option must be applied as soon as possible after the child reaches one year of age. In hearing losses that occur later in life, the method can be applied at any age if the patient is suitable for this treatment. The important point is that every newborn should be applied routine hearing tests and the treatment must be performed without delay. “

Amma’s family were very well-informed about the operation and the tests because they had gone through all these once before with her sister and they had done their research before coming here. They say that their worries subsided when they met two audiologists and an experienced ear-nose-throat surgeon.

Associate professor of otorhinolaryngology, Dr. Arif Ulubil says that the patient is first applied the pre-operative hearing tests and the inner ear is checked for any anomalies. He also gives detailed information about the surgery that follows: “An incision approximately 3 cm long is made at the back of the ear and the electrodes of the device are placed through a tiny hole in the inner ear. The related tests concerning the function of the device are performed during the operation and no other tests are needed subsequently. The surgery lasts for 1.5 -2 hours, and fifteen days later, the device is activated. During this period, the device is fine-tuned for the clearest possible hearing for the patient. The procedure on Amma was a success.”

Amma will now take speech therapy and will be able to hear, speak, and even sing. She will be able to go to school. Her family blissfully told us: “We are thankful to all the doctors, nurses, employees, the whole medical staff and everyone who were by our side. You are all invited to our house as our beloved friends.”