Andreea Marin Banica, Romania

(Journalist, TV Producer, humanitarian activist)

My name is Andreea Violeta Banica, I’m from Romania and my activity in my country is in the television, media business and humanitarian area etc. I’m travelling a lot around the world, I have a wide social activity with children, mothers, people in need, generally speaking, and I saw many hospitals around the globe, from USA to Europe, from Africa to Asia. The reason I am writing to you is to congratulate your staff for everything you did for me as a patient. Especially, I want to emphasize the professionalism of the specialists from the International Relations Department and the Acıbadem Fulya Hospital’s staff. These people were the best I’ve ever met in a medical situation and during my 4 day stay in Istanbul, also. You have the best people working in your team and wonderful doctors!

Thank you and I will strongly recommend to my romanian friends to come to ACIBADEM.

All the best,

Andreea Marin Banica