Everyone deserves a second chance! Farkad Adilov from Uzbekistan is one of the numerous patients around the world who returned to life at Acıbadem. Two years ago, the 40-year old lawyer Adilov was told that he had lung cancer. The diagnosis was followed by an operation in his country. When the hormonal and medical treatment process following the operation led to an unexpected weight gain; Adilov, who weighed 140 kg before the surgery, gained an additional 50 kg. However, the cancer-related risks were not completely over. And in order for a control scan to be performed, he had to be able to fit into the PET-CT device.

The PET-CT is a radiological imaging device which is of vital importance in order to obtain detailed information about the tumour in cancer patients. This method is a state-of-the-art nuclear imaging technique that helps physicians to reach an early diagnosis, establish an efficient treatment plan and increase the patient’s quality of life.

However, in order to use the PET-CT device designed for the regular human body on a 190 kg patient like Farkad, a professional risk analysis must be made and experienced personnel is required. Farkad Adilov found the suitable conditions at the Acıbadem Maslak Hospital. His wife tells about the process they have been through: “We have consulted several hospitals in various countries, but all the replies we received were negative due to the large size of my husband and the related difficulties to fit into the diagnostic devices, as well as the treatment risks. However, when we applied to Acıbadem, from the first moment on, we were proposed only solutions. When we arrived here following the final acceptance, they had already installed a special bed made for him into the device. As he gained weight, the bed was replaced. Also in our room, our needs were never left unattended. At the moment, we feel comfortable and peaceful like we were in our home in Uzbekistan. And my husband feels great too.”

Adilov, who received a special 10-day treatment program following the scan, is in good health today. In his own words: “If I hadn’t come here and made use of the technology and this staff, I don’t believe I could have taken another surgery. And I don’t believe that I would have a chance for survival then. I thank everyone for this second chance they gave me.”