Fatmir Sheshi, Organ Transplantation, Albania


47-year old Fatmir Sheshi who had been suffering from kidney insufficiency secondary to hypertension was born again after the kidney donation of his sister, Luljete Shukellari. Fatmir Sheshi left his home country Albania to visit Turkey in his quest to find a cure for his illness. He gained his health back with the operation performed by Prof. Alihan Gürkan – Chief of the Organ Transplant Center in International Hospital Organ Transplantation Center – and his team. “I had chosen the International Hospital after having heard that they had a team pretty experienced in kidney transplantation. However, frankly, I wasn’t expecting to find a hospital with such a great team and equipment. I am really happy to be back in good health again,” he says.

Diagnosis of pain in the waist turns out to be renal insufficiency

Cab driver Fatmir Sheshei was diagnosed with “hernia of the waist” after consulting a hospital in Albania for chronic pain on his waist. However, Sheshi, -married with a child,- continued to have pain, leading to detailed examinations that diagnosed renal insufficiency as the source of the problem. Shehi indicates that the treatment he received allowed him to continue on with his life without the need for a dialysis machine. “However, the significant decrease in my quality of life in recent times led my doctors to point to kidney transplantation as the only solution for me to gain my health back,” he said. When 40-year old sister Luljete Shukellari volunteered to become a donor, only one point was left for consideration. And that was to determine the hospital in which the operation would be performed.

I decided to find my cure in Turkey!

Fatmir Sheshi indicated that the Ministry of Health in Albania allocated no funds to organ transplantation. “So, I thought to myself ‘Since I will be paying for this myself, I will have my operation done by an experienced surgical team who has been doing this for many years. I had heard success stories of transplantations done in Turkey and Italy. I decided to seek cure in Turkey because I find Turkey closure and affordable.” he said.

Fatmire Sheshi is to gain his health back thanks to the operation performed at the International Hospital.“The team provided huge support from the day one. At this moment, I feel in great health. I would like to thank the whole team,” he said.

Luljete Shukellari, who saved her brother’s life through the kidney donation -which was performed with the closed (laparoscopic) method,- indicated that she had been able to get back her feet shortly after the operation. “The hospital is really clean and the service really good. The whole team is extremely friendly and helpful. As soon as I return to Albania, I will be telling everyone how great the health service is, and how attentive their team is,” she said.