Georghe Dumitra, Gynecologic Oncology, Romania, March 2009

Dear Acıbadem Team,

We thank you for your hospitality; I, my aunt and my grandmother are from Romania. We came to Turkey for treatment and my grandmother was your patient for a 20 days period of time. You made us feel like home here. My grandmother thanks also from all of her heart to her doctors. They were available for helping her 24/7 and they were more than professional in doing their jobs.

The nurses with their smile on their faces, gifted doctors, perfectly cleaned rooms, amazing İstanbul view from the room’s windows and what is more; here you do not need to worry about not knowing Turkish, the hospital understands you are a foreigner and arranges you for International Patient Specialists that speak English, or even Romanian, they are there for you whenever you need.

The most important thing is that my grandmother got better, the treatment she got here gave us big hopes, we are coming back again and again to Acıbadem cause her chances of getting cured are much bigger here. We need the doctors’ professionalism and the medical equipments you have here to save my grandmother, i do not know how we could make it without you,

Please take this letter as the most truthful “Thank You!” from us,