Gumma Alaskar, Kidney Transplant, Libya

He ended his 7 years of dialysis life in Istanbul

Gumma Alaskar is 24 years old. He went to hospital due to tonsillitis when he was only 16 years old and he was diagnosed with kidney failure. His hard days of dialysis began following kidney failure diagnosis. He had to pause his education because of long hours he spent in dialysis and the inconveniences he was experiencing. For many years, Alaskar searched for hope in Benghazi for treatment and he was helped by organ transplantation, which is the sole indispensable treatment of kidney failure. Upon learning that transplantation was possible in Turkey, his mother Rouinia Fathia acted immediately. She did not hesitate even for a moment to donate her kidney for her son. She went to International Hospital for organ transplantation. Following the operation, which was performed by Prof. Dr. Alihan Gürkan, the Head of International Hospital Organ Transplantation Center and his team, the kidney of mother Rouinia Fathia was transplanted to his son Gumma Alaskar. Gumma Alaskar, whom we interviewed just 2 days after the surgery, said that he was very happy for recovering his health. Mother Fathia enjoys seeing his son healthy and calls on everyone experiencing kidney failure to have transplantation without wasting time. Prof. Dr. Alihan Gürkan, who performed the transplantation, stated the following: “We carried out a very successful transplantation. Our patient had very hard days for 7 years owing to dialysis and he will be able to return to his country within 1 week. He will be able to continue his school, which he had to pause. He now has no differences from healthy individuals”.