Halo Ameen Fateh, Neurosurgery, Iraq

My History with Acibadem Hospital.

My name is Halo Ameen Fateh, I am from the city of Erbil, in The Kurdistan Region of Iraq and I am 29 years old. I was diagnosed with a spinal tumor in my spinal canal at L4-L5 vertebra level back in 2009. Due to a lack of Neuro-monitoring tools in Erbil, Surgery on the tumor was not possible. I first heard about Acibadem Hospital in January 2013. I was recommended by a neurosurgeon to contact Acibadem Hospital. I checked the website and found it looked like a good hospital, I saw that the hospital caters for all kinds of illness and procedures. I E-mailed the hospital with all the medical documents and MRI scans I had, and was contacted back by Dr Ahmet Alanay. Who gave me an initial diagnosis by checking my records and advised on the procedure of the required surgery. I went under spinal surgery on the 6th of March 2013 at Acibadem Hospital. The operation was very sensitive they had to remove a 4cm sized tumor from my spinal canal at L4-L5 vertebra very carefully. Dr Alanay has to be careful and ensure that the surrounding nerves were not damaged as he removed the tumor. Any damage could have led to severe after affects such as not being able to walk and other complications. The surgery took around three and half hours, after I came round they informed me the procedure was a success and no nerves were affected or damaged. The tumor was sent for analysis and found to be benign and non- cancerous. This was a huge relief to me to know the whole procedure was a success. One day after the surgery I was able to stand on my feet, I found no difficulty in walking. Now it is about 5 weeks since the operation date, I can do my normal work; I can even run I feel great and healthy. My total stay in Istanbul was 8 days in the end It didn’t feel like I came for surgery. The Hospital staff were great in terms of service, quality of the care I received, the surgery itself. I am grateful for the medical advice and re-assurance I received from the Doctors. I found it to be a modern clean hospital, with all the tools and relationships that matter to Patients. I found Acibadem Hospital one of the greatest hospitals in Middle East and world. I hope a healthy life for everyone everywhere around the world, but if you think you are unhealthy at any time don’t hesitate to contact Acibadem hospital. It is kind of Hospital that you can trust in, you can do any kind of surgery here with great quality and a great sucess rate. As a person from Iraq I recommend all patients specifically those with back problem to visit Acibadem Hospital I am sure you won’t regret visiting it. Thanks Halo Ameen Fateh April. 10.2013