Intesar Elsenuss, Kidney Transplant, Libya

The 25 years old Intesar recovered her health in International Hospital.

In 2009, the 25 years old Intesar Elsenuss learned that she was suffering from kidney disease. Elsenuss, who is a university student in Libya, Benghazi, started receiving dialysis treatment. She had to stop her education because of dialysis, which is an especially difficult phase for young patients. Elsenuss’s complaints and the side-effects of dialysis continually increased day-by-day. Her only chance for treatment was kidney transplantation. Mother Fatma Imhidi acted immediately for having her daughter had transplantation. She learned that organ transplantation could be performed in the International Hospital of Turkey and she wanted to donate her kidney to Intesar, who is one of her 7 children. Examinations showed that the mother’s kidney was appropriate for her daughter. The transplantation was performed by laparoscopic method by Prof. Dr. Alihan Gürkan, the Head of International Hospital Organ Transplantation Center and his team. Following the successful transplantation, Intesar Elsennus stated the following: “I am very happy to have transplantation performed in Turkey and I feel myself very well. I miss my siblings and friends very much”. On the other hand, mother Fatma Imhidi enjoys seeing her daughter healthy and states the following: “I wish that everybody undergoing dialysis treatment in Libya due to kidney failure problem comes to Turkey without wasting time and recover their health by transplantation” Prof. Dr. Alihan Gürkan, who performed the transplantation, stated the following: “The transplantation of the 25 years old Intesar Elsennus was very successful. Although only 2 days have elapsed since the surgery, she appears very healthy. During her henceforward life, she will be as healthy as individuals without transplantation. There are no inconveniencies for her getting married and even becoming mother”.