Jasminko Huseincehajic, Oncology, Bosnia

I came to Acibadem Maslak Hospital in order to find a cure for my lung cancer. I decided to apply to Acibadem hospital with a recommendation of my friend who has previously been treated there.

I was impressed with Acibadem from the first day of my arrival to the airport, as I was welcomed by a serious, kind and highly professional staff, this impression continued until the last day when we were discharged from the hospital.

I was amazed, especially from the kindness of a great gentleman prof.Dr.Enis Özyar, has was highly professional and equally gentle to us.

Through my CyberKnife and Trilogy treatment I had an opportunity to see that Acibadem hospital is equipped with an enormous highly advanced technology.

I was feeling very happy and safe because in whole my stay and treatment in the hospital Dr.Enis Özyar was all the time next to me.

Another issue that pleases me very much is that although my treatment is over I could contact with Acibadem hospital whenever I would need an opinion, this shows how greatly you are involved with your patients health.

Finally, I want to thank you all that I was able to go back to my country immediately after 2 days from the end of my therapy as a healthy man and I could continue my work stronger ,motivated and happier.

I wanted to express my forever gratefulness to prof.Enis Özyar and all of you.

Best Wishes

Architect Jasminko Huseincehajic