Krasmir Nikolov / Rectum Tumor / Bulgaria


Health can be defined as balanced operation of the body as a whole in harmony. The harmony of the organs with each other or dysfunction of an organ affects health and quality of life. Krasmir Nikolov, who was discharged from Acibadem Bakırköy Hospital on 11 September 2012, has been struggling with a disease that lowered quality of life for a long time. Nikolov from Bulgaria, with rectum tumor in his large intestine, had a digestive system not functioning any more. The search for therapy lasting for a long time had affected the quality of life of 53 year-old Nikolov, and caused him and his family to fall into despair. He had negative responses to his applications about his treatment in his country, and decided to be cured abroad. He applied to Acibadem Hospitals in Turkey on recommendation of a close physician friend. Nikolov and his family, who were given a positive answer in a short time, came to Bakırköy Acibadem Hospital in Istanbul for treatment.

The 53 year-old patient with 1 child was administered “rectum tumor operation” by Prof. Dr. Cihan Uras from Acibadem Bakırköy Hospital. Krasmir Nikolov expresses today his satisfaction after the successful operation and treatment process as follows: “Thanks to all Acibadem team for their attention, professionalism and warm welcome”