Lynda Pitsakis / Lasic, Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery / England

Lynda Pitsakis / Lasic, Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery / England

Move over Madonna!

Having read about the “Madonna” face lift that was apparently “only available in the States” (sic Grazia magazine March 9th 2009) and after extensive research I have had the treatment in Istanbul, Turkey for a fraction of the UK or USA costs.

Initially I was only looking for eye laser correction and had undergone 3 consultations in the UK plus received quotes from another 6 companies providing the treatment. Prices ranged from around £3,000 to £4,000. Several exhaustive months later following extensive research into laser treatment abroad, I elected to go to the Acibadem Hospital Group in Istanbul. Not only did I have the eye laser treatment but also had my upper eyelids lifted and a mini face lift using the ribbon technique. This uses endotine ribbons inserted to lift the muscles in a far less invasive manner than a full on radical face lift.

Eye laser was carried out on day 1 of my stay; the rest of my surgery took place 9 days later. My treatment within the Acibadem Hospital Group was fantastic; a personal interpreter is allocated on arrival, everyone was so kind, polite and helpful. The hospitals were amazing, clean, comfortable, modern, providing all the latest technology, plus friendly staff and good food. I was discharged 2 days after the cosmetic surgery with miniscule bruising on my neck and none whatsoever on my eyelids! My surgeon told me it depends on how and where the area is anaesthetised, too deep into the muscle and you will bruise. I had two further check-ups and stitches removed before flying home. Transportation was included and arranged for all hospital appointments, plus airport transfers on arrival and departure. I chose to arrange my own hotel but this is also sourced if you wish. The overall costs were less than the £4,000 quoted in the UK for eye laser treatment alone but included a great deal more in Turkey – all of my surgery, 3 nights in hospital, transfers, flights, hotels, eating out, and so on for 16 days in total. Now that’s what I call a holiday to remember!