Maria Soliman / Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery / Egypt

First I would like to wish you a happy. Healthy and prosperous new year . No words will explain how much grateful we are for your help and all what you have done for us, you were so kind , gentle , caring and helpful .

We also would like to thank you for paying time to talk to us about Maria’s case and everything which helped relieving our concern. Thanks so much indeed from all my heart.

i think is the best hospital in turkey for this reasons :

1- For the operation was done by a highly experienced team leaded by Prof Dr.Tayyar Sarıoğlu

2- The Intensive Care Unit was highly equiped with the latest equipment to ensure the patient get the best medical service and was also well isolated

3- A highly trained nursing staff who had well took-care of baby Maria and was also so gentle in dealing with us

4- Responsive team to any issues if appeared are solved at once

5- A very attractive financial package comparing with all other countries as before we come to turkey we searched in Saudia arabia, USA, India and Italy and Acibadem offer was the best and although it was the best offer they also made us great offers and a wonderful discount at the end

6- The accommodation in Acibadem hospital was great including transportation which was prepared by the hospital

All these reasons and more are letting me saying That Acibadem hospital is supposed to be the best destination for the Pediatric Care.

Keep up the good work May GOD bless your work Maria Soliman ‘s family

May GOD bless your work Best Regards Maria’s family