Mihai Tararache / Orthopedics and Sports Medicine / Romania

Mihai Tararache, the 33-year old player of the Romanian National Football Team and MSV Duisburg of Germany, has been a Professional footballer since the time he was 16. After the meniscus surgery performed on his knee in Germany in 2009, Tararache had to give a break to sports due to a problem that occurred in his knee cartilage. Away from the football fields since April 2010, Tararache followed the recommendation of a fellow football player and came to Acıbadem Fulya Hospital in the hope of returning to the fields.

After the professional footballer was examined by Prof. Dr. Ömer Taşer, Chief of the Orthopedics and Traumatology deartment, a three-week long tailor-made physical therapy program was prepared according to his needs. Observing that the severe pains in his knee have subsided and he can move more easily since he began with the physical therapy program, Mihai Tararache says:** “I couldn’t play football for the last 10 months. This is extremely depressing for someone who has chosen football as a lifestyle since the time he was 8 years old. I am unhappy for being unable to play in the team. My first priority now is to overcome the problem in my knee.”**

Underlining that it is still undecided if he will be able to return to football, Tararache continues: “I came here from Germany so that Prof. Dr. Ömer Taşer could evaluate my condition. I’m still hopeful of returning to the fields after the treatment by him. But first, I have to complete the physical therapy.” Stating that he will continue the special therapy program prepared by Prof. Dr. Ömer Taşer in Germany and will come back to Turkey for a control after completing the program, Tararache also says that he expects his doctors to make the final decision on his professional football life. After his interim controls, the footballer flew back to Germany to continue his physical therapy there.