Mohammed Baba / General Surgery / Libya

25 Years of Age, Weighing 25 Kilograms

At the young age of 25, Mohammed Baba is just one of the youngsters wounded during the clashes in Libya. Back in good health at the Acıbadem Fulya Hospital today, Mohammed remembers the disease process that lasted for months: “I was injured during the war and I had deep wounds in various parts of my stomach. I had my first operation in Libya and a second one in Tunisia, but an infection developed in my bowels.” When Mohammed lost most of his body resistance due to the fistula that developed in his intestine, the doctors in his country directed him to the Acıbadem Hospitals in Turkey by an air ambulance. He describes this ordeal as follows:“There were many times that I swung between life and death”.

Mohammed’s whole treatment was completed in Türkey, at the Acıbadem Fulya Hospital. Dr. Ümit Sekmen, specialist in general surgery, tells us his impressions on the process: “He had very high fever and his general condition was deteriorating. He could not be fed through his mouth and he was down to 25 kilograms. We could not operate on a patient in such a state. Therefore, we first applied a meticulous care in order to prepare him for surgery.” A short while after his bodily functions were back in track, Mohammed was taken to surgery, which went very successfully. Seeing young Mohammed smile as he plans his future, Dr. Ümit Sekmen comments on the operation on him as follows: “Although the infection in his intestine rendered the surgery very complicated for us, we called our patient back to life with an endeavour by the whole team.”

Seeing a young man full of life and a long future in front of him return to life also makes our team smile too.