Mohammed Gavas / Reconstructive Surgery/ Libya

During a youth riot, a young body is rendered unrecognisable… While young Mohammed was covered in gasoline, it somehow got ignited… And now, as he doesn’t want to remember that ill-fated day, he has to face himself everyday on the mirror as he gets ready to go to the university.

Mohammed is a student whose whole body is covered with burnt tissue. His fingers are burned down to the bone, his skin is destroyed, his face, nose and ears have melted and his hairy skin is permanently damaged, since he wasn’t applied any reconstructive treatment in his native country.

Since Mohammed was closely following the advancements in medicine, he chose Acıbadem in Turkey. Now that he is in Acıbadem, he is ready to embrace any new methods since he finally wants to be able to greet everyone normally again. He expresses that he is willing to stay here as long as it takes and will even suspend the education he likes so much in order to complete his treatment.

His doctor’s first comment is:

Muhammed was in a very difficult condition when he was arrived. About two third of his hair was burnt and he was camouflaging the bald areas with a long hair from one side. His eyebrows, upper part of his ears and tip of his nose was melt in the fire. His lower lip was almost united to his chin. The tips of fingers in both hands were burned and some of them were frozen at certain angles. His face and all of his body was covered with either burn scars or scars from previous skin grafting procedures.

He said that he has been operated in Libya for several times, however, the result was always more scarring and was far from any gain functionally or aesthetically. He had big expectations.

His treatment was planned as a minimum 5 session operation, as many areas that needs operation were close to each other and some of the procedures needed 2 stages.

The reconstruction was begun with hair and eyebrow restoration. A tissue expander (a silicone balloon taht is inflatable) was inserted under the hairy part of the head and filled gradually with fluid within the following 4 weeks. By this was hairy areas was enlarged, just like a baby enlarging his mother’s belly during pregnancy. Then all the bald areas were removed and draped with this newly formed hairy scalp. Missing part and eyebrows were supported by hair transplanlation.

Next the ear and nose was repaired with cartilage tissue harvested from the 5th, 6th and 7th ribs. This was a staged procedure as well and took 3 sessions.

Then the lower lip was released from the chin and the defect formed in between was covered with allodermis and skin grafts.

Then the bones in the 2nd and 3rd fingers of his right hand were bring to a more normal angle.

The last part of reconstruction was amelioration of the facial and leg scars. He received 3 sessions of fractionated carbondioxide treatment with platelet rich plasma (PRP) application. PRP is a solution prepared from the blood of patients that is rich in reperative cells carrying growth factors. The result was softening skin which is lighter in color and more flexible with less scarring.

It was a difficult case as his skin was so injured that operations were difficult to heal.

Mohammed shakes the hand of everyone in our team with a smile on his face and says: “Now I love myself much more. But I will continue to follow the developments in medicine. Thank you for everything.”