Natasha Jovanovic, Janja Stamenkovic’s mother / Neurosurgery / Serbia

I am writing to you as I have a strong desire to thank you all.

Oya thank you from my heart that you were always there and helped me to come to Aciabadem as soon as possible without any difficulties.

My biggest wish was to reach to dr.Memet Özek and you made my wish come true.

You said that he’s such a wonderful doctor and would help Janja to overcome her illnes.

Dr.Memet gave me a big strength as he said that he would cure my baby.

Me and my family will be grateful to dr.Memet Ozek until the end of our lives.

Many thanks to dr.Murat who same as dr.Memet was always willing to answer all our questions.

Dr.Enes was a special and lovable man who gave us advice and helped us with translation as he could speak our language, I thank him with all of my heart.Greetings and thanks to the team of magnetic resonance imaging and to the team of intensive care, for covering us when we were coldJ)

And then we were transferred to the fourth floor, where the entire staff was wonderful, starting from the head nurse to all the rest of the team.

Bu the most distinguish to us was Muzzafer Turksoy , he was very dear to Janja, although she was ashamed from him she called him his friend. We will never forget when Janja had a very low salt in her urine Muzaffer immediately bought a salty chips. She had a great time eating it because for a long time she didn’t eat any kind of treats bought from the stores. Whereas the hospital is more as a hotel. Most important is that we were filling secure for all the time, of course as a mother I was worried for my Janja but in my heart I knew that she was in right hands. I also wanted to thank to the physiotherapist , he was also very great with my Janja. Thank you from all of my heart, there is no better than you. Many greetings and kisses from me, Sase,, Janja and my older daughter Nikolina, Natasha Jovanovic Serbia