Nicusor Untila / Orthopedics & Traumatology / Moldova

Question: Nicuşor, could you please tell us about your health problems?
Nicusor Untila: First of all i would like to say hello to everybody and regarding my health problems, I wasn’t able to step on my foot and my bone would slip so I wasn’t comfortable at all so I’ve decided to come to this hospital.

Question: How did you take this decision?
Nicusor Untila: First I went to German Diagnostic Center in Moldova and they have recommended this hospital to me. I deeply trust this hospital and the professor who has done the surgery.

Question: What are the things that you liked here?
Nicusor Untila: One thing that I liked a lot is the roads, the yare very smooth, here in Istanbul and the drivers are mannered and professional.

Question: And about the hospital?
Nicusor Untila: The fact that everybody was so kind, I wasn’t even pressing the emergency button and the nurses would immediately appear at my door.

Question: What do you think about the doctors?
Nicusor Untila: It’s a good hospital and the doctors did all they could for me, it has been two days since the surgery is over and I already feel better.

Question: How did you feel the first day and how do you feel now after 3 days?
Nicusor Untila: First day immediately after the surgery I felt some pains after the intervention at my legs and hips, but now I feel much better.

Questions: Are you eager to go home?
Nicusor Untila: Of course, I can’t wait to see my friends, my brothers, my daddy.

Question: Do you have any suggestions for those at home?
Nicusor Untila: Yes, I would recommend them this hospital. Thank you and wish you health and all the best!