Prof. Dr. Salim Muslumov / Check Up / Azerbaijan

Patients and Difficulties of the Treatment Process Being a patient or going to a hospital, no matter why, is hard times for several people.In these difficult times, a clean medical institution and caring and professional personnel, even the landscape and decoration can affect a patient’s insight about his condition. As a matter of fact, it is an accepted fact today that a patient’s positive approach affects treatment process in a positive way.

Prof. Dr. Salim Muslumov, coming for check-up on 26 July 2012 to Acibadem Maslak Hospital, wrote a letter of contentment marking the significance of a caring approach in medical institutions.

“We first went to Acibadem Maslak Hospital on 26 July 2012, and saw that service is wonderful. We attracted utmost interest as soon as we entered the door. Attendants caring for us showed a very positive and promising approach that everything would be well. For example, I had never been able to donate blood so easily. Also the cleanliness and comfort of the hospital is striking. The health standard formed should be proud for your country. May God recover the people to be treated here.”