Letter of Thanks to Prof. Halezeroğlu - Acıbadem Healthcare Services
He brought back to life the woman next to me!

He brought back to life the woman next to me!


All of us have difficult moments in our lives when we need some advice and guidance. 

It was the beginning of June when my wife Jordanka learned the bad news that she had lung cancer. This terribledisease has claimed the lives of so many people but we decided to stay strong and find a way to defeat it. Here in Bulgaria, the doctors stated that surgical intervention was not an option in our case, thus we could fight the disease only by chemotherapy, and the share of survivors is limited. Luckily, my wife stayed in the same hospital room with another woman who informed us about Acibadem. We immediately found their office in Varna where we received detailed and clear information. We didn’t have time to waste because the tumor had grown by 11 mm in one month. 3 days later we were already on our way to Istanbul, traveling by a car provided by Acibadem Hospital. At arrival, we were welcomed by our charming translator, who was ready to help us any time of the day. My wife immediately passed a PET scan. The next day we had an appointment with Prof. Dr. Semih Halezeroğlu – a thoracic surgeon taking an honorable place among the surgeons of Europe. Minutes after the meeting started, I felt as if we knew each other for years and we were just having a friendly conversation. My wife, who finds it difficult to trust people, was very impressed by his attention, attitude and willingness to help, and she immediately agreed to be treated by this doctor. That was the perfect contact between a patient and a doctor. Being a good doctor means being a good person above all, so you can gain the patient’s trust. Prof. Halezeroğlu explained in simple words, as people without medical knowledge would understand him, what the problem was and how it could best be solved. 

Without saying a bad word about Bulgarian doctors, he showed us where they were wrong. It turned out that my wife’s tumor was appropriate for surgery, which presented an opportunity to remove the tumor completely. Two days later the operation was performed and the left lobe of the lung was removed using a bloodless method. The incision was about 7-8 cm. The second day after the surgery, my wife stood up with a little help and made two rounds of the hospital’s hall alone, without any help or support. Prof. Halezeroğlu was coming twice daily with his team to visit my wife and checkup her condition. I was highly impressed to see the respect those young doctors demonstrated to the professor. And I’m sure only good words will be heard in the future about Dr. Gükhan Ergene from the professor’s team. He easily wins people’s trust by his radiant smile, fast and accurate actions. The nurses or “the good fairies”, as we used to call them, were coming in less than 15 seconds when the alarm button was pressed, and they performed their duties really carefully and with the highest professionalism.

I am so grateful to Prof. Dr. Semih Halezeroğlu and his team, for bringing back to life the woman next to me. I wish him to help people for many years ahead, and bring them back to the joy of life.


Jordanka and Hristo Mihaylovi