Rajab Emra Mad Belrag Alazrl / General Surgery / Libya

13 Years Spent in Pain Rajab Emra Mad Belrag Alazrl, who is 31 years old today, is a young man who struggled with health problems for almost his entire adult life. Rajab, who was having attacks of severe abdominal pain and bloody diarrhea since the time he was 18, remembers his ordeal as he thanks our team:

“I have been having stomach aches and bloody diarrhea since the age of 18. I had medical treatment for ulcerative colitis in Germany, but my complaints continued. After an attack I had following a long and painful period, I was urgently transferred to Acıbadem Hospital in Turkey and my treatment at Acıbadem started“.

The colonoscopy performed after Rajab was brought to Acıbadem Fulya Hospital revealed cancerous changes in the polyps in his bowels. Dr. Ümit Sekmen, who was the specialist of general surgery responsible for Rajab’s treatment, summarizes the process as follows: “Since it was a high-risk type of cancer, we completely removed the colon and the rectum using the laparoscopic method and formed a pouch in his small intestine to build a new anal way for the patient. Therefore, an enterogastrotomy operation was performed on the thick wall of the small intestine to form an opening. The result of the closed surgery was very successful and the patient gained back his health.”

As Rajab looks back to what he’s been through, he already has a healthy and happy look on his face: As soon as I arrived at your hospital in excruciating pain, my therapy was immediately planned and the surgery was organized. I was controlled regularly and I had no complaints after the surgery. This hospital is like a hotel, the service is perfect and I’m very happy. I would like to give my thanks to everyone.”