Safaa Hussein Ali Aliza / Liver Transplantation / Iraq

The second life of the Iraqi patient is a gift from his sister Since 2007, 64 years’ old Safaa Hussein Ali Aliza, who lives in Baghdad, Iraq, saw physicians with complaints like weakness, tiredness and extreme exhaustion. He decided to see a doctor once again while his problems were tried to be remedied by medicine treatment and diet. The doctor told Safaa Hussein Ali Aliza that he would need to undergo liver transportation, after which he applied to Acıbadem Bursa Hospital Organ Transplantation Department in Turkey and stated his desire to have transplantation. He was accompanied by his sister and son. The tests performed concluded that his sister was an appropriate donor. Safaa Hussein Ali Aliza, who was operated nearly two months ago by Prof. Dr. Remzi Emiroğlu, a Specialist of General Surgery in Acıbadem Bursa Hospital Organ Transplantation Department, had the chance of beginning a new life by the liver taken from his sister, Amel Hussein Ali.

**LIFE IS VERY BEAUTIFUL DESPITE EVERYTHING **Safaa Hussein Ali Aliza, who recovered his health after the liver transplantation operation, stated that he learned about his disease by accident and that the doctor he continuously saw in Baghdad detected fattening in his liver; he further stated the following about the phase leading to his organ transplantation surgery:

“My doctor demanded other tests after he detected fattening in my liver. He then consulted other physicians. They eventually told me that I had to under transplantation surgery. Having this surgery in Iraq was not possible. I then decided to come to Turkey, I have been here for nearly two months. After my disease was diagnosed and I was informed about its cure, my sister volunteered for donating her liver. We came to Turkey altogether when my son also wanted to donate his liver. The performed tests concluded taking the liver from my sister. Me and my sisters, we are very attached to each other. Everyone of us shares others’ grief deeply and makes his/her best to find a solution. My sister made a big sacrifice for me, God bless her. She gave me a new life. Life is beautiful despite everything.

I WAS NOT AFRAID OF SURGERY BECAUSE I HAD DEEP TRUST IN MY DOCTOR “I was never afraid of death after the surgery” said Safaa Hussein Ali Aliza, who stated that he had always good feelings and never thought of death before or after surgery. “Because everyone of us has a time, a maturity. Everyone lives according to this, and one day dies. I had deep trust in my doctor. We got along very well, he treated me very good, and he explained my situation very clearly. I am very happy that I chose Acıbadem. The employees here were very attentive towards me. I recovered my health with their help”.


Prof. Dr. Remzi Emiroğlu, a Specialist of General Surgery in Acıbadem Bursa Hospital Organ Transplantation Department, who performed the surgery, stated that when the patient applied them, he had complaints like exhaustion and weakness and had lost very much weight due to his disease. Prof. Dr. Remzi Emiroğlu, who stated that the patient fell breathless even he walked for 200-300 meters and they therefore conducted some special tests related to respiratory functions apart from routine transplantation preparation, further said the following about the patient’s pre and post-operative status:

“A series of test we performed showed that the liver had contracted and there were two tumors one with 6 cm and other with 3 cm dimension. In addition, there was cirrhosis in the liver. When we evaluated the patient in terms of cardiological and respiratory functions, we detected problems in the lung. We call this “Hepatopulmonary Syndrome”. This syndrome disrupted the patient’s oxygen intake owing to liver failure. The blood oxygen ratio had decreased to 50 percent in room air. This ratio very much increased the complication risk in the post-operative period. Despite all these hindrances, we decided to operate our patient, who had a strong will and desire for recuperation.


Prof. Dr. Remzi Emiroğlu, who stated that if they had not operated the patient, they could lose him within a maximum period of six months or one year owing to the spread of cancer in his liver, stated that they performed tests on the patient’s sister and son and they found making transplantation from his sister appropriate in medical terms. Prof. Dr. Emiroğlu, who stated that they operated both the donor and the receiver within the same day and that the surgery lasted nearly 12 hours, further said the following: “During operation, we took the right lobe of the donor, this represents 60-65% of the liver. When we saw that Mr. Safaa had no other tumors else than the one in the liver, we removed the liver with two tumors. We mounted the liver we had taken. The liver began to operate rapidly and its general status gradually recuperated. He had several respiratory inconveniences, these turned normal within 10-15 days. His health status is now very good, similarly the health status of the donor is also very good. They returned to their country with peace of mind at the end of two months. During the next phases, our patient will have some tests made every three months and send them to us. And we will regularly follow-up his status”.