Shoruk Mohamed Salama Mohamed Ali / Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery / Egypt

Shoruk Mohamed Salama Mohamed Ali / Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery / Egypt

I would like to thanks everyone In the hospital for everything that has been done for my daughter Shoruk. Actually I had never seen such great health care in my life like I saw it as it should be in your hospital. Specially in Egypt we had tray with the public hospitals and the private ones but they were not as good as you r hospital and the way you tack care of your patient

And I would like to thanks : 1- PRO. Tayyor uani oglu 2- DOA. Ywst Kenan yalin bas 3- DR. Yawehin Turkeic 4- DR. Ahmet Arnaz 5- D.m.s Asaripovit

And special thanks to Dr, Ahmet Arnaz for the good care of us and the way he was behave to us.

And also special thanks to Asya who was always keeping our room clean and nice.

And I also would like to advice all patients all over the world to tack the right decision by choosing Acibadem hospitals to be treated there .

Also I would like to thanks Dr. Fetuh and Dr. Amel El Sisi who are Egyptians as they helped me to come here to Acibadem. And many thanks to Mrs. Esra who is in turkey and her husband Mr. Hisham . and once again I wanna thank Miss Aysa Tanelicwlw as she was worry all the time about my daughter Shoruk. As she is really very honest and she was tacking a very good care of us.

I had never seen in my life such good relations between the doctor and the patient and the nurses like I saw it in Acibadem . My words really can’t explain how everybody with us was kind and honest and doing his own work as it should be.

They were like family not like a doctor or nurse we were feel them like father and mother sister or brother. And it was not specially for us but it was with all the patient in the hospital. Even the translators they were very kind and polite with us like a brothers specially Mr. Hisham and Mr. Sobhi they were very nice with my daughter Shoruk & I don’t know really how to thanks them for everything.

Once again I would like to thanks the nurses: 1- Ayse Tariilcwlv 2- Denet san 3- Tuba ozavik 4- Haken bazkurt 5- Samra ausar 6- Niyazi dwz 7- Derup aiaek 8- Mustafa tasdan 9- Yasmein yicdizb 10- Yasemin yicditbas 11- Sedef ysal

And I also would like to thanks: 1- musstafa cibik 2- yesim cemal 3- orhan erol 4- tugoiy zai mail 5- verkan kunca 6- serif oner

And once again many thanks to the doctors who rescue my daughter life as the operation was really very hard and I was have no hope that my daughter can back again

1- PRO. Tayyor uani oglu 2- DOA. Ywst Kenan yalin bas 3- DR. Yawehin Turkeic 4- DR. Ahmet Arnaz 5- D.m.s Asaripovit

The hospital was really very clean and everyone was treating us very kindly including the doctors nurses and the worker stuff everything was great.

The doctors were very honest and although they know that the life of the patent in danger but they try to make it easy for them and make them have the hope all the time.

Shoruk-2I have one suggestion for the management of Acibadem actually it is my wish to have branch for Acibadem in Egypt in order to deliver the experience and the high quality of your health care to the poor people who can’t travel to turkey as in Egypt we still don’t have such trusted hospital as Acibadem’s hospitals . And also in Egypt we got too many children who were born with health problems but there are no any trust in the health care of Egypt as it happened with my daughter shoruk in Egypt the first operation which were failed. So I wish that you can think about my suggestion of having a branch in Egypt to help those children who are suffering of doctors mistakes in Egypt.

SHORUK ‘s mother.