The 7-year old Aset Hadashova is only one among the thousands of children around the world who are under treatment for spasticity. Cute little Aset, who was born spastic, was brought to Turkey for treatment with the recommendation of the physicians in the family’s native Russia; and the treatment process began at the Acıbadem Kozyatağı Hospital.

Spasticity, which is the common problem of numerous families around the world, is a congenital disorder and the expression “spastic” derives from the Greek “spasmos” meaning a “pulling” or “wrenching”. The condition can be described as a muscle consistency problem where resistance to passive muscle tension is increased. Spasticity is a much more wide-spread condition than generally thought. Since spastic children cannot control their muscles normally, they may experience difficulty in doing – or, depending on the severity of the disease, may even be totally unable to do – daily tasks like eating, tying their shoes, drinking water, reaching towards or holding an object. Unfortunately, spastic children depend on their parents even to be able to play with their toys.

Aset, who was also going through the same troubles, is one of the children who had the chance to receive a successful treatment. Following the surgery performed by paediatric neurosurgeon Prof. Dr. Memet Özek and his team, Aset Hadashova is now in a treatment process, which – in her mother’s words – “has started giving results even today”. Her mother tells about our patient’s treatment process in Acıbadem, and her condition today: “Thank you for the professional team work, your patience, attention and care. Everyone performed his/her task immaculately and we were able to see our child return to health even at the second day following the surgery. I wish you all perfect health too”.

We are also wishing Aset and her family a healthy life…