The Major Tumor In Her Brain Was Going To Leave Her Blind For Life!

The Major Tumor In Her Brain Was Going To Leave Her Blind For Life!

She had lost one eye and was at risk to lose the other…

Khaton Mohammed from Iraq, who could not see out of her left eye due to a brain tumor and had developed numbness and weakness on the right side of her body, headaches and difficulty in walking, regained her health with an operation performed at the Acibadem Adana Hospital. Mohammed, who underwent the operation because she was at risk of losing the other eye from the pressure caused by the tumor, opened her eyes to a brighter future! A 63 year old housewife with 9 children, Iraqi Khaton Mohammed began to feel weakness in her hands and feet along with headaches a short time ago. While searching for an answer to her complaints, Khaton Mohammed lost sight in her left eye and lost her ability to smell completely, and she came from Zaho, Iraq with the help of her relatives in Turkey to the Acibadem Adana Hospital. Neurology Specialists Prof. Sebahattin Hacıyakupoğlu and Dr. Süha Kınalı took over Khaton Mohammad’s treatment by first ordering a number of tests.

She could have lost her other eye…

Her test results showed that a large but benign tumor filling her frontal brain cavity was pressing on the optical nerves in the brain, so the doctors decided Mohammad needed urgent surgery. The benign tumor, which could have pathological symptoms like paralysis, lack of balance, memory loss and difficulty swallowing due to its location, had grown gradually over 10-15 years on top of Mohammed’s optical nerves, and started to show in the form of vision impairments. Since the tumor was on the optical nerves and the healthy nerves were being held by the tumor, Mohammed had the risk of the nerves being deformed or strained during the operation and losing the other eye as well.

The operation was a complete success

Khaton Mohammed, who had consulted her family about the operation, gave the go ahead to her doctors. Directly after the decision, Khaton Mohammed’s operation was performed by Acibadem Adana Hospital Neurology Surgery Specialists Prof. Hacıyakupoğlu and Dr. Kınalı. A neurological examination conducted the day after the successful operation showed that vision was regained in her left eye making Khaton Mohammed and her family very happy. In addition to the vision impairment, her other symptoms like headaches, difficulty walking and numbness and weakness on her right side also regressed. Mohammed was released five days after her operation.