Thomas Peter Hinton / England / Brain & Nervous System


I was admitted as an in-patient into Acibadem Fulya in the early morning of Wed 19 November, following a brain seizure and collapse at Attatilrk Airport. I stayed in hospital for 10 days, finally being discharged on Friday 28 November.

During the 10 days of my hospital stay, Begum provided interpretation and liaison duties. She was the communication bridge between me and the hospital.

Throughout the entire experience, I was very impressed and grateful for the services Begüm provided. She was clear, well-organised, friendly, helpful, kind. She was reassuring. She does her job very well and I am sure Acibadern knows that in Begüm, they have a huge asset. Without her work, my stay in hospital during a stressful time for me would have been much more stressful.

THOMAS HINTON-FOTO-1I would like to thank Begum personally. She deserves to be recognised as the skilled professional she so obviously is.

From hospital patient THOMAS PETER HINTON
Senior Manager at the British Council, Turkey
Pera House, Istanbul