Trim Musliu / Organ Transplant / Albania / 2015

Kindey transplant patient Trim Musliu, has suffured from kidney failure. He has been treated by Prof.Dr.İbrahim Berber & Prof.Dr.Ülkem Çakır. Dear Idil,

Today i received the mos beautifull news in my life for our family.The operation of my hysband and his mother went very good.We were going through a very hard times since 2years as family and For all this happines i want firstly to thank our doctor Ibrahim Berber and his assistant that with their proffesionalism saved my husband and our family.They gave us new live with their gold hands.

Thanks a lot for all your proffesional and competent services starting from our Coordinator Nalan that was our right hand for everything in every moment and even out of working hours. She was there for us supporting us with translation, answering all our questions and supported us also psychologicly during all the time. She called me every night taking care if we are feeling ok and telling us that everything will go good because we are in the best proffesionals hands.

Also big thanks for your transport services that helped us a lot as internationals in unknown city also supported us in financial expenses.

Thanks to you Idil for giving us space to feel free for everything that we need.

I’m very happy that god gave us the possibility to be cured in Aci Badem in Turkey with all the proffesional staff, best doctors, coordinators ,proffesional organization . I will recomand Acibadem to all my friends and familiars that may need your services.

With respect,

Vjendita Avdiu Musliu( Trimi’s wife)