You Returned Hope Back To Me And My Family

You Returned Hope Back To Me And My Family

Mr. RAJEH was diagnosed with a liver abscess and sepsis which is a serious infection that causes severe systemic inflammation. If it is not treated promptly, sepsis can be fatal. Assoc. Doctor Hakan Ümit Ünal and his team from Gastroenterology department in ACIBADEM BAKIRKÖY Hospital have decided to perform a drainage of the abscess, which is considered to be the ideal therapy in this case. This involves inserting a needle and placing a drainage catheter into the abscess to remove the infection-containing pus. After his total recovery, Mr. RAJEH write a letter of thanks to express his appreciation to ACIBADEM Hospital’s teams.

“Sometimes words can not describe the level of appreciation. I strongly appreciate the efforts of all team members of ACIBADEM BAKIRKÖY Hospital in Istanbul. Doctors, nurses and International Patient Center’s team, thank you all.

From the moment of my arrival when I was depressed being between life and death, after one hard week in Iraq where they were not able to diagnose my illness, in no time you have taken action and identified the problem.

In few hours you returned hope back to me and my family. Your professionalism, your kindness and your warm welcoming were a big support to overcome the sickness.

Again, I would like to thank you for the great job you have done and your are doing every day, for your smile. You gave us a feeling of family and home.

I recommend ACIBADEM Hospital which has very comprehensive services that give the patient a trust and help him fighting the sickness.”