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Digital Mammography With Tomosynthesis

Digital Mammography With Tomosynthesis

A key for early breast cancer detection

3-dimensional digital mammography device with tomosynthesis provides three dimensional imaging with low dose of radiation, playing an important role in early diagnosis of breast cancer.

The images produced by the 3-dimensional digital mammography device with tomosynthesis increases diagnosis reliability. A series of digital images of the breast, taken in the form of thin layers, are subsequently assembled to produce a 3-dimensional image of the breast for further examination. This allows efficient scanning of the suspicious areas.

This is a mammography device which produces perfect two and three dimensional images by using minimal doses. This device is set to revolutionize the early diagnosis of cancer with its capacity of two dimensional and multi slice three dimensional tomosynthesis imaging. The tomosynthesis slices increase the reliability of diagnosis. A series of sliced digital images of the breast are produced which results in a three dimensional image of the breast.

Routine mammography equipment displays tissue problems in one image whereas this device enables slices of the breast to be viewed digitally. This feature ensures that problem regions and breast cancer are not missed.