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Digital Substruction Angiography (DSA)

Digital Substruction Angiography (DSA)

DSA enables all of the veins in our body to be imaged with its special imaging technique. With the special Vazo CT method it holds the device can provide images of the thinnest veins with a small amount of contrast substance administered to the veins (without entering the arteries). Thus the risk that could be imposed by the contrast substance is minimized.

DSA is used both for diagnosis and for treatment. The narrowing, aneurisms (expansions of the veins in balloon form), malformations – fistula (diseased veins and arteries) in the brain, abdomen, skin, arms and legs and throughout the whole body are treated by entering through a catheter not requiring surgery. In some patients, the excessive veins that generate are studied before an operation to mitigate any risks related to bleeding during the operation.