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EOS (3D Skeletal System Imaging)

EOS (3D Skeletal System Imaging)

This is an imaging device which provides front, back and side images of the spine and the entire lower extremities at the same time.

Which diseases does it treat?

It is used in spinal curvatures such as scoliosis and kyphosis as well as angular deformities of the lower extremities.

How is it implemented?

The procedure takes approximately 20 seconds. The imaging begins once the patient is in the correct position. Images of the entire body or spine are taken depending on the patient’s needs.

What are its features?

The device emits far less radiation than standard digital x-ray devices. The machine is equipped with a micro dose feature which is used on children. This dose is approximately 10 times less than standard EOS dosage. This device can be used to plan and measure the lower extremities prior to surgery. The device provides 3 dimensional modelling which assists surgeons prior to operations on knees, hips and patients suffering from scoliosis.