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Ethos Radiotherapy

Ethos Radiotherapy

Artificial intelligence and adaptive therapy combine to create Adaptive Intelligence. Ethos radiotherapy is a comprehensive, revolutionary new therapy that is patient-centric and personalized from initial planning to on-couch adaptation and treatment monitoring. Adaptive radiotherapy gives increased hope for tumor control and longer life expectancy for many kinds of cancers. Ethos therapy is an artificial intelligence driven holistic solution designed to increase the capability, flexibility, and efficiency of radiotherapy.

Driven by artificial intelligence technology, the system provides a real-time view of a patient’s anatomy and allows the radiation dosage to be adapted in real time to continuous variations in the shape and positioning of the individual’s tumor and normal tissues.Ethos therapy facilitates dose delivery to the target planned, helps to spare organs at risk, and enables more customized margins to potentially reduce toxicity. Ethos uses CBCT, a cone-shaped beam of x-ray to construct a 3D image in one motion rather than a series of slices of x-ray like traditional CT scans.

Adaptive therapy is a type of radiation cancer treatment that evolves over time in response to the temporal and spatial variability of tumor microenvironment and cellular phenotype. It accounts for macro fluctuations in the tumor’s shape and position due to changes in nearby organs. Adaptive therapy also considers physiological changes, like bladder filling. Radiation doses are delivered more quickly, with greater precision and patient safety.