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Intraoperative 3 Tesla MRI

Intraoperative 3 Tesla MRI

Faster imaging during surgical operations

The intraoperative 3 Tesla MRI produces faster and higher resolution data during brain surgery and allows the complete surgical removal of brain tumors.

In addition to being used for whole-body imaging, the intraoperative 3 Tesla magnetom trio Tim MRI facilitates the complete removal of tumors by providing rapid imaging during brain surgeries. The system allows imaging during an operation and enables the surgeon to examine any point necessary in a sterile environment before closing the surgical area and without waking the patient. This gives the surgeon information on the size and location of the tumor, even if it is located in a difficult-to-reach area. This eliminates the risk of failing to remove all residue of the tumor, damaging functional areas, or operating on the wrong area; a second operation is not required.