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Mako Rio Robotic Arm

Mako Rio Robotic Arm

What is the Mako RIO robotic arm system?

The Mako RIO robotic arm system allows surgeons to perform procedures according to the planned surgery. The Mako device’s detailed planning feature determines the implant that is most appropriate for the patient’s anatomy. Certain parameters, such as joint flexibility and ligament balance, are evaluated precisely.

The Mako RIO robotic arm system achieves mobile and dynamic joint structures by resurfacing only the damaged parts. Thus, unequal leg length can be eliminated.

Patients’ have a reduced recovery period, as the surgery is performed with a small surgical incision. There is less bleeding and a decreased need for blood transfusions in surgeries with small incisions.

It is estimated that the Mako RIO robotic arm system will be used for the treatment of osteoarthritis in other joints, such as the shoulder, soon.

How are surgeries performed with the Mako RIO robotic arm system?

Before surgery, the patient has an MRI to create a three-dimensional virtual model of their joints. Following an evaluation by the physician, the procedures and implant to be used for surgery are precisely planned.

When surgery begins, the surgeon matches the 3-dimensional virtual model of the joints saved in the robotic arm’s memory with the real-life joint in the operating theatre. Then, the Mako RIO robotic arm system will see the joint in a spatial environment with its reflective marker tracking system.

Before the implant cavities are prepared, the robotic system analyses the joint biomechanics, namely the ligament balance, very sensitively. In hip surgeries, it reports the length of the contralateral leg to the surgeon. The surgeon decides the final and biomechanically appropriate placement approach for the implant by reviewing the results of the analysis.

After the implant cavities are irrigated under pressure, the surgeon places the pre-planned implants with the help of the robotic arm.

Knee and hip replacement surgery

The Mako RIO robotic arm system is used for replacement procedures in the treatment of osteoarthritis.

Replacement surgery is intended to reduce pain and maintain mobility and functionality by coating destroyed joint surfaces.

There are certain standards and procedures in replacement surgery that must be complied with, but an individualized procedure should be performed for each patient, as joint structure is an individual characteristic.