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Mridian – Viewray

Mridian – Viewray

MRIdian® Linac is the world’s first radiotherapy device, with an integratedonboard MRI, for image guidance. This device can provide continuous and real time based imaging before and during the treatment.

What is Viewray?

MRIDian® is the world’s first MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy System that can image and treat cancer patients simultaneously. It’s a radiotherapy solution that integrates a Linac with MRI technology in a compact design, together with software to locate, target and track the position and shape of tumors while radiation is delivered.

Viewray Process

As conventionel radiotherapy, patient is placed on table. MRI is performed for targeted tissues. Tumoral region and surrounding healty tissues can be detected and visualized clearly with the aid of MRI. If targeted tissues and surrounding hey tissues are radiated with precise dose then treatment begins. Real time based imaging helps physicians to control the treatment process during irradiation. In case of detecting a clinical important movement of targets or healty tissues, physicians recontours the patient target and critical structures and re-plan the new treatment while patients are on treatment couch.

What are the differencess between MRIdian Linac and the conventional Linac-based treatments?

  • Integrated MRI system provide the continuous and real time based imaging.
  • Precise soft tissue imaging
  • Less radiation to surrounding healthy tissues
  • Fast online adaptive treatment planning
  • Enables high dose and precise irradiation
  • Less treatment session
  • Avoidance 4of invasive and costly markers, tissue expanders

What are the advantages of Viewray

Viewray is the newset technology that combines Linac and MRI in the same device. The advantages of Viewray treatment are as follows:

  • Improves tumor visibility and patient alignment, tracks tumors and manages tumor and normal organ motions.
  • Provides real time – on table adaptive radiotherapy planning
  • Accurately records delivered radiation dose
  • Enables continuous and real time soft tissue imaging during the treatment
  • Provides recording video during the treatment and enables to see all treatment process and progress

Which Diseases Can be Treated With Viewray?

Breast, Periaortic LN, Lung, Kidney, Bladder, Pelvic LN, Head/Neck, Bile Duct, Stomach, Cervix, Adrenal Gland, Orbit, Bone, Spleen, GYN Pelvis, Thorax, Aortic Arch, Pancreas, Heart, Prostate, Mesenteric, Abdomen (Soft tissue), Neck LN, Rectum, Parotid Gland, Pelvis, Spine, Esophagus, Thyroid, Colon, Liver, Extremity, Mediastinal LN, Pelvis, Soft Tissue Pelvis, Superclav, Brain, Uterus, Flank, Gall Bladder, Lingual LN, NAsopharynx, Ovaries, Rib, Thymus.