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Tomotherapy HDA

Tomotherapy HDA

Integrated Approach To Radiotherapy


TomoTherapy® is a radiation therapy device in which the radiation is delivered slice-by-slice. It combines a form of intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), with the accuracy of computed tomography (CT) scanning technology in one device.


TomoTherapy® is a treatment method evolved from advanced technologies and it involves targeting cancer cells through the ‘pencil beam/beamlet’ technique. It is used to perform special, ‘customized’ radiotherapy on each patient. The TomoTherapy® device is designed with a therapeutic linear accelerator and can perform high-level, 3D imaging, as well as high-level, helical and 3D radiotherapy.

TomoTherapy® offers an integrated approach to radiation therapy, combining imaging and treatment delivery to precisely target a wide variety of cancers.

TomoTherapy® is used in the treatment of tumors that are located in risky areas and makes it possible for radiotherapy to be administered without harming the surrounding healthy tissues and cells. All oncological treatments that require radiotherapy can be performed with the TomoTherapy® HDA method. With its high precision TomoTherapy® makes it possible to give radiation therapy to large areas.


TomoTherapy® system is particularly prominent in pediatric tumors, bilateral breast tumors, head and neck tumors, laryngeal tumors and nasal cavity tumors, mesothelioma irradiation (in the linings of the lungs and abdomen), brain and spinal cord tumors (craniospinal irradiation), complex radiation procedures and protection of risky organs (such as eyes, spinal cord and hippocampus), simultaneous irradiation of multiple tumors, bone marrow and whole body radiation with the IG-IMRT technique, irradiation of multiple metastases.


With its technology, TomoTherapy® can deliver precise radiation to match complex tumor shapes while avoiding sensitive structures. Using built-in CT scanning to confirm the shape and position of the tumor before each treatment, TomoTherapy® may reduce radiation exposure to healthy tissues and organs. Side effects are often reduced because less radiation reaches healthy tissues and organs. Many patients who have reached their maximum tolerance dose of radiation can have radiotherapy with TomoTherapy®.

Scanning technology provides a 3D image of the treatment area before every treatment session, so the radiation beams can be targeted according to the size, shape and location of the tumor on that specific day. The ‘slice therapy’ approach treats tumors one layer at a time.

TomoTherapy® method makes it possible for the whole body to receive 3D imaging-guided, quick and precise treatment from head to toe.

Another important feature of the TomoTherapy® device is speed. The technology of TomoTherapy® device makes it possible for even the most complex treatments to be performed in a very short time, as well as enabling continuous modulation at a great number of angles. With TomoTherapy® device treatment can be performed on the target with a higher degree of optimization. This optimization advantage ensures for the organs and tissues that are close to the tumor to be protected and this, in turn, ensures for the secondary cancer risk and side effects to be minimized, as well as increasing the quality of life of patients.


TomoTherapy® device is an open, wide, and circular structure through which a patient resting comfortably on a treatment table, receives radiation treatments. Leveraging a CT scanner-based platform, it enables continuous delivery from 360 degrees around the patient with highly conformal and homogeneous dose to the tumor.