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Truebeam STx

Truebeam STx

TRUEBEAM STx for the treatment of tumors

More effective results in a shorter period with high dose radiation!

Truebeam STx, which incorporates advanced radiotherapy techniques used in cancer treatment, such as IMRT, IGRT, Gated RT, RapidArc, SRS and SBRT; offers fast, correct and precise radiation delivery to small tumors.

Truebeam STx can be used for treatment of all tumors that require radiotherapy. The device is particularly preferred for treatment of small tumors of the head and the body, and tumors which pose a specific risk of adjacency to specific organs. As radiation delivery is focused on the target, healthy tissues are minimally affected. Fast radiation delivery system shortens duration of radiotherapy, and high image quality allows better positioning and precise radiation delivery.

Truebeam STx can conveniently be used in radiotherapy treatment for tumors in organs that require monitoring of respiration, such as the lungs, liver and breasts. As the device allows radiation delivery while monitoring respiration, it enables direct delivery of a high dose of radiation to the area where the tumor is located.