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LifeClub Health Management Program – Check-Up & Follow-Up

LifeClub Health Management Program – Check-Up & Follow-Up

LifeClub by ACIBADEM is a premium service combining advanced check-up options and continuous guidance towards achieving your personal health goals.

What is LifeClub?

LifeClub is a subsidiary of ACIBADEM focused on preventive healthcare. It is designed to be your personal guide for optimal health and wellness. The LifeClub world consists of three elements:

  • LifeClub Health appoints your personal doctor for complete medical evaluation, individual recommendations, and continuous follow-up.
  • LifeClub Wellness provides personalized diet & fitness programs and reliable medical information to aid your health goals.
  • LifeClub Platform is a marketplace for products and services supporting healthy living.

LifeClub provides a holistic approach to achieving your optimal health status and maximizing your quality of life. This is an exclusive, one-stop solution for your health management, disease prevention, and resources for healthy living.

What are the Benefits of LifeClub?

Annual health check-ups examine the most important body systems to identify potential problems before they start. Check-up packages customized according to your age, gender, and family predispositions can detect your individual health risks. LifeClub is a brand-new approach that upgrades the standard check-up programs in three complementary steps:

  • Advanced check-up options personalized according to your medical history and lifestyle, to assess your current health status and mark areas of improvement
  • Preparing your personal LifeClub Health plan, with robust targets and timelines
  • Sustainable follow-up and guidance towards achieving your personal health goals

Along with all advantages of check-up programs at ACIBADEM, LifeClub provides long-term follow-up and guidance for our members to reach their utmost health potential. Whether you need medical advice, support, or motivation, your LifeClub team of experts will be there for you.

How Does the LifeClub Work?

Once you become a member, you will be assigned a personal LifeClub doctor to navigate your health journey and a LifeClub member representative to arrange all details and appointments on your behalf. You will be invited for a thorough medical check-up and health assessment. Based on this information, the doctor will prepare your LifeClub health plan. The plan considers possible areas of improvement and drafts your health goals for the year to come. Your doctor and member representative will follow up on your progress and support you throughout your LifeClub experience.

You can benefit from our telehealth options and schedule virtual appointments with doctors via online videoconferencing. To achieve your goals, you can follow your personalized exercise routine and diet on LifeClub Wellness or explore the products and services for healthy living on the LifeClub Platform. Unlike standard check-up packages performed at certain periods of time, LifeClub provides continuous support and advanced features for ultimate outcomes.

LifeClub Premium Membership

Who is it for?

The LifeClub membership is beneficial for modern, health-conscious people with a busy work schedule who value their health. Our members are well aware that health is not just a random coincidence; it strongly depends on our genetic heritage and the choices we make every day. Nowadays, we have the tools to analyze and address individual health risks. LifeClub helps our members set realistic goals and supports them throughout the process of becoming the best version of themselves.

Our LifeClub membership program is open to international patients willing to manage their health and wellbeing in a comprehensive, reliable, and privileged manner. Initial medical assessment and examinations are carried out at specially design ated and comfortable check-up areas of ACIBADEM hospital in Istanbul, Turkey. The additional services are accessible online from anywhere in the world.

How to Join the LifeClub?

LifeClub membership is just one click or phone call away. Our International Patient Center provides 360-degree service all the way, from medical appointments, travel and accommodation details, to language interpretation and follow-up. Get in touch with us to apply and stay tuned for the adventure.