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Robotic Surgery

Robotic Surgery

Advanced technology at the Robotic Surgery Centers, namely the “da Vinci Ro­botic Surgery System” is being used by expert teams specialized in their own field. This system enables the surgeon to carry out the surgical ope­ration with minimal incision, while using its precise three-dimensional imaging and advanced technological movement capabilities. The service areas are as follows;

Robotic surgery in cardiovascular diseases

Among these surgeries are; mitral valve prolapse, coronary by-pass surge­ries (particularly for changing the veins at the frontal surface), rhythm disorders, right valve repair, orifice repair, and right and left atrium problems.

Robotic surgery in general surgery

Robotic colorectal surgery; da Vinci is used in the surgical treat­ment of many colorectal diseases including colorectal cancers (colon and rectum cancers) diverticula and inflammatory bowel diseases. Es­pecially within rectum surgery, it ensures that the nerves adjacent to the surgery area are protected.

Robotic obesity surgery; Robotic surgery system facilitates the surgical operation applied to obesity patients while shortening their recovery times to go back to their daily lives. Among the obesity surgeries carried out with da Vinci, gastric by-pass surgeries take up first place, which are also considered the golden standard in obesity surgery. This met­hod not only enables the reduction of the stomach, but it also deactiva­tes a certain part of the intestines and therefore reduces the absorption of food intake.

Robotic surgery in gynecology

In gynecological surgery, cancer surgeries, hysterectomy, removal of myoma with large diameters and important surgeries like aforementioned can be carried out successfully with the da Vinci method that is being applied since 2005.

Robotic surgery in otorhinolaryngology

Among the areas that the da Vinci is currently being used successfully are otor­hinolaryngology surgery and head and neck surgery. This method is also called TORS (Transoral Robotic Surgery) and provides the opportunity to take out malign or benign tumors from the mouth, larynx (throat), tongue and tonsils.

Robotic surgery in thyroid diseases

The operations on the thyroid glands, which are located on both sides of the trachea, can be irritating for some patients from an aesthetical perspective as they leave scars on the neck. With the da Vinci, entering from the armpit, the thyroid is reached at the neck and except the removal of very large goiters, it is possible to carry out almost all thyroid operations.

Robotic surgery in urology

Among the fields where robotic surgery systems are commonly used, urology comes first. In many of the developed countries worldwide, the surgeons prefer da Vinci for a number of urological operations including radical prostatectomy (removal of the prostate).

Surgeries conducted with da Vinci in Urology:

  • Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgery
  • Robotic Kidney Cancer Surgery
  • Robotic Pyeloplasty – Ureteropelvic Junction Stricture Surgery