In its Urology Departments, ACIBADEM Healthcare Group provides high quality urologic examination, diagnosis and treatment services to adults and pediatric patients with a dynamic medical staff who follows developments closely. Doctors of the urology department are committed to rendering urology services proficiently, utilizing their clinical experience and knowledge based on scientific studies and researches.

Aside from routine operations such as prostate and bladder TUR operations, invasive and non-invasive stone operations (ureteroscopy, percutaneous nephrolithotomy, and lithotripsy (ESWL), the unit has been a leading center in urology with intensive medical services in urologic cancer operations, pediatric urology operations, urodynamics and male sexual dysfunctions.

Modern medicinal and surgery therapies are employed in urinary disorders induced by prostate enlargement (BPH) (TUR, Greenlight Laser PVP, Greenlight Laser HPS, Feedback Thermotherapy). Furthermore, comprehensive studies are undertaken in areas concerning prostate health such as prostate cancer scan and prostate infection treatment. At ACIBADEM Healthcare Group Urology departments, all the contemporary surgical and medical methods are used in the treatment of urologic cancer diseases. departments, all the contemporary surgical and medical methods are used in the treatment of urologic cancer diseases. The Department frequently utilizes nerve-protective radical prostatectomy (for prostate cancer) and radical cystectomy (for bladder cancer). In addition, other urologic oncology operations such as renal and testicular cancer are conducted by a specialist urology surgery team with the support of anesthesiology and intensive care services. In some urologic cancer cases, treatment options are presented to patients in coordination with the medical oncology and radiotherapy units.

At ACIBADEM Healthcare Group, endoscopic (closed system) operations where high technology capabilities are used are employed in the treatment of urinary tract stones. Apart from the surgical treatment, non-anesthetized and ambulatory treatment of stones is possible with lithotripsy (ESWL). The Urology department is one of the leading centers in terms of experience in endourologic treatment of the stone disease (ureteroscopy, percutaneous nephrolithotomy – PCNL).

The urodynamics unit offers a detailed diagnostic examination of problems related to incontinence and urination problems that may be seen at any age in men and women. Urodynamic and modern uroradiologic methods are employed in diagnosing and monitoring any kind of incontinence problems in adults and in children, including, for example, night urination in children or incontinence disorders in women and also patients of myelodysplasia (spina bifida).

Treatment of erection and ejaculation problems in men called erectile dysfunction and male infertility are planned and executed in cooperation with other medical specialties using examination, diagnosis and treatment capabilities.

Pediatric urology deals with the diagnosis and treatment of congenital or acquired urinary and genital system diseases which may be seen in the prenatal, newborn and subsequent stages. Examples to these diseases include hydrocele or cord cysts, undescended testicles, circumcision, emergency conditions of the testicle and the bladder (acute scrotum and distortion of the testicle). Hypospadias (a congenital condition in which the opening of the penis is located on the underside rather than being at the tip) is one of the areas of special interest of the urology department. In addition to primary correction of hypospadias, surgical treatment of cases which have been previously operated but not been concluded successfully are also undertaken.

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