Why ACIBADEM? - ACIBADEM Healthcare Group


An ECOSYSTEM that sets an example for the world in healthcare services…

Acıbadem began its journey into healthcare services as a small neighbourhood hospital in a district of Istanbul/Turkiye. Today, Acıbadem is a super brand which has taken its rightful place amongst the global healthcare leaders, with its 24 hospitals, 16 outpatient clinics and supporting service companies. Acıbadem’s rapid growth led to the signing of a joint partnership with IHH Healthcare in 2012 which enabled us to be a part of world’s second largest healthcare chain.

Our goal of expanding our foot print overseas has started in 2011 with Acıbadem Sistina Hospital, in Skopje, Macedonia. It is followed by acquisition of Tokuda Group and City Clinic Group in Bulgaria in 2016. Along with this acquisition, Acıbadem Healthcare Group became the largest healthcare service provider in Bulgaria. After that, our footprint has extended with the launch of Acıbadem International Medical Center in Amsterdam which has an indoor area of 5.000 square meters, in 2017. In 2021 it is followed by the acquisition of Acıbadem Belmedic in Serbia and resulted to have 24 hospitals and 16 outpatient clinics in 5 countries.

Globally competitive integrated healthcare services

Apart from hospitals and outpatient clinics, Acıbadem Healthcare Group offers a worldwide model with its integrated special healthcare ecosystem. This ecosystem includes various healthcare support institutions and a University.

Acıbadem University trains healthcare students to be future healthcare professionals by using dynamic and contemporary educational programs with a strong academic teaching team.

In Acıbadem, healthcare support Institutions are working hard to be able to continuously improve the patient experience. Acıbadem Project Management develops turnkey hospital establishment projects. Acıbadem Labmed, Labvital, LabCell offer a wide range of services including pathology, food control, stem cell and cord blood bank within the laboratory framework. Acıbadem Technology develops and improves inhouse softwares including “Hospital Information System”. APlus addresses the hygiene and catering requirements of hospitals and Acıbadem Mobile provides emergency and home care services outside of hospitals.

Providing compact services with centers of excellence

All of the hospitals within the group that meet the global standards, also stand out with the centers of excellence. 11 Cancer Centers (surgical, radiotherapy, chemotherapy), 16 Heartcare Centers (pediatric and adult cardiology and cardiac surgery), 14 In Vitro Fertilization Centers, 10 Organ Transplantation Centers (liver, kidney, bone marrow), 10 Spine Centers, 3 Sports Medicine Center accredited by FIFA and 6 Robotic Surgery Centers are all among the nationally and internationally accredited and qualified centers due to their advanced technology equipment and experts that have significant experience in their own fields.

Center of attraction in health tourism

Every year, many patients from different parts of the world travel to Turkiye to receive treatment, and they prefer Acıbadem Healthcare Group which provides services using the most advanced technology worldwide and expert teams meeting the international quality standards.

For their convenience, the International Patient Services Center has been designed as a “one-stop” service center and supports every patient from the day of first request until the time patients return to their home country. Once International patients choose to come to Turkey for their treatment, they can easily get their travel and treatment plans from Acıbadem information offices. Until now Acıbadem launched more than 50 information offices outside of Turkiye. International patients will be warmly welcomed at our Health Point desk once they have arrived to the airport in Turkey. Patients can wait and use wifi until their transfer. Our patients will be transferred directly to their hotel or to hospital by private transportation. At our Health Point desks, located in hospitals, our translators will be welcoming  our patients and support them throughout their treatment within 20 different languages.